National FBI Graduates

The Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy is a 10 week course, in Quantico, Virginia, designed for offering high standard FBI training to police administrators throughout the world. The curriculum is both academic and physical, designed to better prepare law enforcement managers for current issues they face day to day. Courses are required in management, law, behavioral science, communication, forensic science, and physical fitness. Candidates must also complete a 6.25 mile long endurance and obstacle course, otherwise known as the "Yellow Brick Road". Upon completion, each person receives a yellow painted brick.

Only one half of one percent of all law enforcement officers get the opportunity in their career to attend the academy. This is done in part due to criteria set forth by the FBI and various needs of local jurisdictions. 

FBI Graduates

Chief David Carpenter

Chief David Carpenter attended the 206th session and graduated on September 7, 2001. Chief Carpenter completed a 9.4 mile run.

"Attending the FBI National Academy helped me to realize that networking with other officers from different agencies throughout the world can be a great resource. The Academy teaches you how to be an efficient and effective leader with your department. I feel that, by graduating from the FBINA, it has enhanced my career to prepare me for my position as Chief of Police."

Captain Scott Taylor

Capt. Scott Taylor attended the 220th session and graduated on March 18, 2005. Capt. Taylor completed all the challenge runs, including the "Yellow Brick Road" and received the coveted yellow brick.

"I attended the academy in the winter session.  Running in the snow is a unique experience that every southern person should try at least once in their lifetime.  My roommate was from Romania.  I spent ten weeks learning about him, his culture, and how Romanian police operate.  We spent a lot of this time trying to figure out what we were saying to each other.  I have attended many law enforcement schools in my career.  Nothing has compared to the FBINA.  It has set the bar to such a high level that I don't ever expect to attend training that could surpass this total experience.  I returned to the Daphne Police Department a much more confident administrator that feels more prepared to handle challenges that are ahead of me.  Attending the FBINA should be the career goal of every police officer throughout the world."

Captain Jud Beedy

Captain Judson Beedy attended the 252nd session and graduated on March 22, 2013.“The FBI National Academy is an educational experience like no other,” Beedy stated. “Not only did participants learn from the FBI’s senior instructors we also learned from each other. The exchange of information from both sources will be invaluable. In addition to the formal training the relationships developed over the ten week course has resulted in what I am sure will be lifelong friendships.”

Lt. Kenneth Hempfleng attended the 263rd session and graduated on March 18, 2016.