Kid Safety

Kid Safety is a crime prevention program dedicated to protecting children and educating adolescents on the importance of safety. 

The key to child abduction prevention is education, awareness, and communication! Be informed! Protect your children! 

Find out "exactly" where convicted sex offenders are living in your city.

Parents, you should know where your children are at ALL times. Small children, in particular, should ALWAYS be supervised and NEVER left alone.

Build up your children's self esteem and confidence so they feel "empowered" and capable of protecting themselves. Teach children to trust their instincts and to be "assertive" when someone makes them feel scared or uncomfortable.

Teach your children it is imperative that they ALWAYS TELL a parent or trusted adult when something "feels" wrong. Communicate openly with your children so they will feel comfortable telling you about problems they may be experiencing. Reassure them you are there to help and protect them.

Teach your children it is NEVER ok for someone to touch them in areas where their swimsuit covers.

Teach your children NEVER to approach a car whose occupants are asking for directions. NEVER let your child go into a public restroom by themselves. In potentially dangerous situations, teach your children to RUN AWAY, FIGHT, KICK, AND SCREAM to get help. Encourage them to do whatever it takes to save their lives.

Teach your children if they need help to seek out a woman with children since sexual predators are normally men. If they are grabbed, tell them to fall straight down. This will make it more difficult for the predator to abduct them.

Teach your (older) children if they are alone in the car and someone approaches them suspiciously to honk the horn to gain attention. If they have been abducted and are in a vehicle, tell them to jump into the back seat so the predator has to stop the car.  When the car slows down or stops, tell the children to jump out and run. If they are abducted and put in a trunk, tell them to pull the wire to the brake lights so a police officer will pull the vehicle over for a traffic violation.

These are just a few tips taught in our "Kid Safety" program.

Contact DARE Officer Jaime Huffman at (251) 621-2839 to schedule a presentation of for more information.